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About Us

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Company Bio:

Draftermarket.com is a website designed for people to sell, share, or download design templates and plugins.

The type of files shared, sold and downloaded would include:

- Fashion CAD designs for any type of clothing pattern designs

- Website templates / CSS layouts / flash plugins / javascript plugins / Wordpress templates

- Mobile App templates & games - Architecture blueprints / CAD designs / digital schematics

- Graphics Design templates / photoshop plugins / design fonts / clip art / logos / stock photos

- 3D modeling and videogame character designs & assets


These file types represent 1,000s of designs available on our site everyday for affordable rates.

We will be adding even more file types in the future. If you think a specific file type or design needs to be added to our site listings, contact us at admin@draftermarket.com and send us a note!

In being business entrepreneurs and designers ourselves, we recognized a distinct advantage that large companies had in the use of on-staff skilled designers compared to smaller businesses. The issue is resources and the ability to find the right designers to fit your need, to be able to complete projects affordably, and on time. Often times, it is the different between making a deadline and not. Our site makes this type of talent accessible to all and intends to continue to add services that help maximize the power of your business or project potential.

This site is feature-loaded with designer profiles, file ratings and comments, related products, screenshots, demo videos, seller / designer resources and much more. Social networking icons make sharing experiences easy for visitors. Design seekers can also find a selection of free downloads to get a better feel for what these resources can actually do for them. This site and the designers that make it possible will help people tap the potential of one of their most under-utilized assets: the computer.

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